A solar powered system consists of a solar panel and a geyser, which when installed, will generate hot water without needing to ever use electricity, saving you costs on your electricity bill.

How it works

The sun heats the water in the pipes and transfers it back to the holding tank. Then, when you want hot water, you turn on the tap and voila! You have probably seen these all over South Africa , especially in low cost housing areas as they are a very cost effective method of providing hot water where there is no electricity infrastructure. As an energy saving product, Solar Geysers are particularly effective as there is no electrical cost to start with – they don’t need any electrical connections at all.

The solar panel draws energy from both sunlight and the sun’s radiation, allowing your geyser temperature to remain adequately heated even on cooler days. The geyser itself is well insulated, allowing the geyser to retain heat, ensuring you have access to hot water at night and on cooler days. However, battery backups will ensure that heating is retained during days where little light and heat are present.

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